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Awesome product!

This has enough pages to last more than a year. Has worked great for work related tasks. Helps keep me on track. Easy to use and can be placed/stored practically anywhere. Paper is great quality and feels good to write on. I love this product.

United States

Exactly as described, the investment is a bit high

These are exactly as described. The calendars are on bright white paper and easy to read. They are in a peel-away notebook style so you can tear off a sheet and take it with you without having to have the whole planner with you, which is great. The investment for what they are though is a bit high since you can easily just print off pages like this. And they both come in single-use plastic which is totally unnecessary. So that is why I only gave it 4 stars. Overall, this will be helpful for use in my office and I like them but I think the expenditure is too high.

United States


Love the amount of bags for the grocery store and the storage container is the ultimate best item, you can clip to your grocery cart while shopping and they the bags ready at the check out. They are sturdy and larger than store plastic bags, no waste! Amazing!

United States

Helping the planet…

These bags are perfect for your groceries. They are made with a strong material which will hold whatever you want to carry in them. With these bags we are help the planet by not using paper or plastic bags.

United States

Simple idea, but really well executed

These are basically just like the plastic grocery bags you get at the store but bigger and made of a reusable fabric. I like that they can be washed and are sturdy enough to hold a lot of groceries. However, I was really hoping they'd have a flatter bottom as shown in the pictures. I understood when I ordered that they weren't going to be stiff enough to stand up on their own. However, I was hoping that once a few items had been added that they'd stand up a bit. That's not a deal breaker as they are still nice bags that do the job you need them to do, it just makes bagging groceries a tad more tedious. With that said, I love that so many come in the pack and that they are easily stowed in the carry case when not in use.

United States

Great Idea, Very Handy

This is really a great idea. The back of my truck and the back of my wife's car is often cluttered with random shopping bags. We try to keep it neater by stuffing them inside each other but it is still a problem. The bags included are very large and very strong with stitched seams all around. They all fit very nicely in the included bag which itself is very well designed. It has a closure on the end to get a bunch of bags out at once, and a zipper on the side so you can pull bags out one at at time. It also has a very handy carabiner clip which I snaps onto on of the headrest support for my seat. So no more digging around in the back of the truck.
Daniel J Gilbert

United States